About Us

Pioneer Turning Workshop has been functioning in Abu Dhabi Since 2003, delivering quality products & services to wide range of Industries.

We have built our reputation on performance and high quality products with full technical and design in house to meet customer needs for special requirements. Our continued investment in people, plant and machinery has resulted in pioneer turning workshop becoming a market leader within the UAE, in a remarkably short time.

We specialize in water jet cutting, manufacture all kinds of gears, lights & heavy machinery repair and all kinds of steel construction, fabrication, welding, machining, casting service to local & gulf region markets. 

We have leveraged on the state-of-the art technology in managing its operations while providing top-notch customer care. With the investment of the state-of the-art waterjet cutting machine, Pioneer Turning is not only able to meet our customers’ needs better, but helps to increase prospective customers’ workflow & productivity.

As a result, our customers will be able to offer their clients high quality finished products & timely delivery at reasonable price.